How to Register a Car in Dubai and the UAE ?

Are you considering updating your car’s registration? Here is a brief guide on How to Registration a Car in Dubai and the UAE ?

You must re-register your vehicle each year in Dubai and the other cities in the UAE.

The auto dealer will manage the entire registration process in the first year if you have recently purchased a car.

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But starting with the second year, car owners are required to finish the process on their own.

The cost of testing the vehicle and renewing the registration in Dubai is roughly Dh 500.

The owner can complete it himself using internet tools or with assistance from another organization.

Since April 2018, new toll gates installed on roadways throughout Abu Dhabi have been scanning passing vehicles to verify their registration.

Therefore, it is required by law that you register your car each year. The good news is that UAE officials have made the renewal process quick and easy.

Owners of vehicles have 30 days to renew their expired registration. If an automobile doesn’t pass the inspection, this enables the owner to make the necessary repairs. Car insurance contracts are 13 months long because of this.

Previously, failure to renew a vehicle’s registration after a 30-day grace period resulted in a fee of Dh 10 per month.

However, from April 2018, while they pass through new toll gates in Abu Dhabi, the fee has doubled to Dh 500 and four black points. Such vehicles may be seized for a week, and in some cases, the drivers have lost their licenses.

Renewal Procedure for Car Registration in Dubai

Documents necessary:

First, settle all debts associated with the vehicle, such as outstanding traffic penalties.

Additionally, you must settle any black points with the police in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

You need your Emirates driver’s license and Emirates ID, as well as three crucial documents: the automobile test certificate (the car must pass the test), the previous registration card, and the updated motor vehicle insurance, in order to renew registration.

Testing the vehicle

New cars are exempt from testing for the first two years.

Following this, you must take your car to one of the RTA or ADNOC vehicle testing facilities to be evaluated and receive the “passed” certificate.

This is done to make that the vehicle is safe to drive and that the chassis, tyres, suspension, steering, and braking systems are all in good working order.

You must also make your fire extinguisher, spare tire, and safety triangle visible, depending on the type of vehicle.

Depending on customer volume, the test costs about Dh 170, lasts 20 to 40 minutes, and is valid for 30 days.

If the car fails the test or the validity expires, a new test must be conducted, and new payments must be paid.

Where Do You Go?

The first year’s registration renewal will be handled by the dealer when you purchase a brand-new vehicle from him.

You must, however, handle the renewal yourself in the second year. The UAE government operates a number of conveniently accessible centers for renewal.

How to Renew a Car’s Registration in Dubai

These are your two choices:

In person

Wait at the registration area, pay the renewal fees, and then pick up your updated registration card.

A new registration sticker with a new expiration date will be given to you. Replace the old license plate with the new one.


Visit the RTA website or the Abu Dhabi police’s e-service portal to try the online option.

Select your vehicle, provide the necessary documentation, and confirm your delivery method (pick up or courier). In 5 days, your application will be processed.

External Agency

If the aforementioned takes too much of your time, you can hire the RTA’s “Personal Appearance Service.”

After completing your registration information at the RTA center, you will receive a pin. After that, you can use this pin to have anyone else complete the renewal process on your behalf.

This pin expires after your representative makes one visit; new pins are required for further visits.

In Dubai and the rest of the UAE, this is how cars are registered.

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