Larkya La Phedi (Dharmashala): A Gem in Manaslu, Nepal

Dharmashala, also known as Larkya La Phedi or Larke Phedi, is a small settlement nestled amidst the awe-inspiring Manaslu mountain in Nepal. It is situated near Larke Bazar and the village of Samdo in Gandaki Pradesh at an altitude of 4460 meters.

As you embark on the renowned Manaslu Circuit Trek route, this remarkable temporary village is the last teahouse lodging point before the Larkya-La Pass (5,106 m/16,752 ft.), one of the longest passes in the Himalayas.

Teahouse Sanctuary in Larkya La Phedi: Basic Comforts, Boundless Warmth

The walk from Samdo to Larkya La Phedi takes 3–4 hours. Imagine the thrill of trekking from Samdo; with every step taken, you are closer to the formidable Larkya La Pass (5,106 m/16,752 ft). And Dharmashala has the final accommodation options before crossing the mountain pass.

As you cross Samdo village in Manaslu, the Budhi Gandaki River and Larkya Khola accompany you before you reach Dharmashala.

Upon your arrival, a cluster of modest tea houses welcomes you. These heaven-like dwellings offer a respite from the elements and an opportunity to connect with the essence of mountain life.

While the accommodations may be considered basic by urban standards, they are a testament to the region’s authenticity. The beds, crafted of stone, manage to strike a balance between ruggedness and comfort, much like the mountains themselves.

The teahouses have basic facilities offering good local foods. The rooms have two beds with a small window. And the toilets and bathrooms are on the outside of your rooms.

Challenges in Dharmashala as Part of the Adventure

A stay in Dharmashala presents its challenges, but isn’t that the essence of adventure?

There’s no Wi-Fi to distract you from the beauty of nature, and hot showers become a distant memory. Yet, it’s within these limitations that the true spirit of the mountains comes alive.

The common bathroom and the absence of luxuries remind us that the true essence of travel lies in experiencing life as the locals do. In sharing stories around the fireplace with fellow trekkers, you will discover a camaraderie that transcends cultural boundaries.

You will learn to appreciate the little things, like a hearty meal and the warmth of companionship, in a way that modern life seldom allows.

As it’s located at a high altitude, the chance of altitude sickness is high as well. Despite the challenges, Larkya La Phedi is a wonderful location for the panoramic view of the Manaslu mountain and its surroundings.

Breathtaking Views and Beyond

Ah, the views!

Imagine waking up in Larkya La Phedi to a panoramic vista that could reveal the most surreal paintings.

The sight of Mt. Manaslu towering before you will leave you awestruck. It’s as if the mountains themselves are inviting you to become a part of their timeless narrative.

Final Words

The beauty of Dharmashala is a reward that transcends physical exertion, a gift from nature that leaves an incredible mark on your soul.

The challenges of the trek, the modest accommodations, and the absence of modern amenities all fade into insignificance when you witness this natural masterpiece. This amusing settlement, nestled on the path of the complete Tsum Valley and Manaslu Trek, holds a significance that surpasses its humble appearance.

Lastly, Dharmashala isn’t just a stop before crossing the challenging Larkya La Pass; it’s a testament to the Himalayan spirit and a memory that time will never erode.

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