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Heading to Nepal for the Manaslu Circuit Trek?

We have everything in place for you to learn about the accommodation facilities available on the trail.

It’s true that the trekking route in Manaslu does not have many options for a luxury stay. But you are not sleeping in a tent with a sleeping bag. The route has basic teahouses built everywhere at a certain distance.

There are basic lodges, often called “tea houses,” that provide basic lodging and meals. It will surprise you to see that some teahouses come with Wi-Fi, hot showers, and even a small bar and a restaurant.

A teahouse accommodation in Manaslu

A teahouse accommodation in Manaslu

In the lower areas of Manaslu, there are multi-story concrete buildings with private rooms and attached Western-style bathrooms. But as you climb higher, the accommodation becomes more basic. For instance, Dharmasala has a shared dorm-style room and common squat toilets that are outside of the room.

As tourism grows, the Manaslu Circuit trek is becoming one of the most popular treks in Nepal. The region now has a good number of tea houses or lodges. Each year, locals add a new teahouse to the list.

So, this complete guide provides comprehensive information about lodging facilities on the Manaslu trek. It includes details about the type of accommodation, popular stopovers, essential considerations with helpful tips, and services provided by teahouses throughout your trekking adventure.

Types of Accommodation on the Manaslu Trek Route

Manaslu Circuit Trek presents two distinct accommodation options: tea houses and camping.

Each holds its charm and benefits, so let’s explore them in more detail.

Tea houses on the Manaslu Circuit Trek

Tea houses, also known as guest houses or mountain lodges, are predominant and renowned lodging options on the Manaslu Circuit.

You can find these cozy lodges strategically scattered along the trail, offering trekkers spaces to eat, relax, and connect. Teahouses on the key stops like Jagat, Lho, Shyala, Samagaun, and Samdo offer excellent facilities. However, teahouses in other locations offer basic lodging and flooding facilities.

Whatever the quality is, every lodging provides fundamental accommodation facilities such as beds, blankets, toilets, bathrooms, and dining areas.

Your stay in these establishments will immerse you in the local culture and lifestyle. The warm hospitality of Nepalese people will make you feel right at home.

Camping on the Manaslu Circuit Trek

Embarking on the Manaslu Circuit trek offers an opportunity for a true wilderness adventure. And, if you plan for an extra adventure, there’s always a place for camping for nights beneath the open sky.

Back then, the Manaslu trail was a camping route. Thus, if you like camping outside, you can bring your camping gear.

However, a camping trek in the Manaslu circuit comes with a higher price tag compared to the teahouse-to-teahouse trek. The camping options entail carrying essential equipment such as tents, cooking supplies, fuel, stoves, belongings, and a dedicated support crew.

Despite the logistical considerations, camping remains unparalleled for those seeking an authentic and undisturbed encounter in the Manaslu region.

Popular Accommodation Stops: Manaslu Circuit Route

We have listed some renowned resting points near the main trekking route with their accommodation options to help you make better decisions.


On the Manaslu circuit trek, the first place to rest after leaving Kathmandu is Machhakhola. It’s a convenient spot to stop for the night along the Manaslu trail.

Machhakhola has many tea houses with basic but good facilities where you can stay. Some hotel options are:

  • Tsum Valley Guest House
  • Hilltop Guest House
  • Everest Guest House
  • Larkey Guest House

These places offer comfortable rooms and good food. Usually, the rooms are set up for two people with two beds, mattresses, pillows, and blankets. Some fancier places might have rooms for one person with a private bathroom.

Most tea houses along the way offer conveniences like hot showers, Wi-Fi, and phone services. However, keep in mind that some places might ask for a small fee for using these amenities.


After leaving Machhakhola, your next destination could be either Jagat or Philim. Both of these villages provide some of the finest tea houses along the trekking route. Some guest houses even have private rooms with attached bathrooms, providing the luxury of a hot shower.

Inside your rooms, you will find charging ports for safely powering up your devices. Wi-Fi service is also accessible. If you need to communicate, there is the option of using satellite phones, although it’s wise to inquire about any associated charges beforehand.

During your stay in Jagat, you might encounter several guesthouses, including but not limited to:

  • Jagat Guest House
  • Manaslu Shanti Guest House
  • Himalayan Tourist Guest House
  • Rubii Nala Guest House


Deng is a small village along the Manaslu Circuit Trek. It marks the starting point of the restricted trekking area in the Manaslu region.

Deng is also the initiation point of the lower Nubri region called Kutang. On your way to Deng, you will encounter various checkpoints where you will need to show your trekking permits.

Tea houses in Deng are more basic than those in Jagat and Machhakhola. During your stay in Deng, amenities like hot showers, Wi-Fi, and phone services might not be available.

This is an opportunity to experience the rural village lifestyle. Your accommodation will probably consist of simple rooms furnished with a thin mattress, a pillow, and blankets.

Deng is home to Gurung communities, and despite the lack of extra amenities, the warmth of the Gurung people’s hospitality will leave you feeling content. You will also have the chance to savor authentic local cuisine.

In comparison to other villages on the Manaslu trail, Deng has a limited number of guest houses, including:

  • Sangrila Cottage
  • New Manaslu Guest House
  • Windy Valley Guest House


Imagine waking up and savoring hot coffee while being surrounded by stunning snow-peaked mountains. That’s precisely what you can experience in Namrung. During your Manaslu journey, you will find some nice and luxurious guest houses.

In Namrung, you will get to enjoy a luxurious room with an attached bathroom and a hot shower. Some hotels even have their own hydropower and drinking water sources. Pretty cool, right?

While the cost might be a bit higher, the exceptional services provided by these remote hotels make every penny worth it. Below are some famous hotels in Namrung that you can take a look at. But hotels are not limited to these; you can explore more every year. There are more tea houses built to accommodate trekkers.

  • Nubri Four Seasons Resort
  • Namrung: Thakali Hotel
  • Namrung Guest House


Lho village holds significant popularity within the Manaslu region. It ranks as the second-largest Nubri settlement along the Manaslu circuit trek. Notably, it provides the most splendid view of Mt. Manaslu.

The tea house rooms offer comfort with twin beds, pillows, and blankets. Some even feature single rooms with attached bathrooms and hot showers. Numerous terraces of tea houses present spectacular views of Mount Manaslu and the surrounding landscapes.

In recent times, Lho village has witnessed the construction of several new tea houses. One of those, Hotel Blue Sky, offers impressive amenities like hot showers, Wi-Fi, and even sauna steam baths. Horseback riding is also an option. Here are a few other hotel options:

  • Namaste Guest House
  • Lama Guest House
  • Tashi Dalek Guest House
  • Majestic Manaslu
  • Hotel Blue Sky


Samagaun stands as one of the largest towns in the Manaslu Trails. It boasts an array of tea houses—over a hundred in number—catering to various budgets and offering diverse services. The rooms in Samagaun provide ample space and comfort. Some even feature warm dining halls with outstanding views of the surrounding landscapes.

To enhance your comfort, most tea houses in Samagaun provide the luxury of hot shower facilities. After a long day of trekking, a warm shower is truly revitalizing. Furthermore, these accommodations extend Wi-Fi services and phone connections to stay connected.

Here are a few well-known tea houses that ensure a comfortable stay:

  • Tashi Dalke Guest House
  • Sama Gaun Guest House
  • Mount Manaslu Guest House
  • Peace Heaven Guest House
  • Norling Guest House
  • Nobri Valley Guest House
  • Gurung Cottage Guest House

Certainly, securing accommodation in Samagaon is not a concern. However, as you ascend to higher altitudes, the nights can become quite chilly. It’s advisable to carry a sleeping bag as an additional layer, as blankets alone might not suffice.

View from teahouse room in Manaslu Circuit

View from teahouse window


Samdo village is a small settlement that hasn’t changed much in modern times. It is the last village before a high mountain pass called Larkya La. The accommodations in Samdo are mostly basic, standard hotels run by locals.

The tea houses in Samdo are modest in terms of services. In recent times, they have introduced a few more contemporary amenities, along with some newly established lodges. However, most of these establishments only provide Wi-Fi services.

Rooms in these hotels typically feature basic beds with soft mattresses and places to eat. The rooms are simple, with a few beds and a table.

Here are the names of some of the tea houses:

  • Yak Hotel
  • Tibetan Twin Hotel
  • Jambala Guest House


Dharmasala is a crucial stop before crossing the Larkya La Pass. It’s recommended to spend the night here. This place has only two guest houses: Jambala Guest House and Larkey Guest House.

The quality of accommodation in Dharmasala is very basic compared to other tea houses along the entire Manaslu journey. You will probably share a room with others. Don’t expect amenities like hot showers and Wi-Fi here. Instead, you will truly experience the remoteness of the region and the Himalayan lifestyle.

In the past, trekkers had to camp in tents at Dharmasala, but now these two guest houses provide lodging. However, due to limited space, it’s more crowded than other lodges on the trekking route. The rooms can get quite cold at night, so having a warm sleeping bag is essential.


Once you have conquered the challenging Larkya La Pass and descended, you will arrive at Bimthang village. The accommodations in Bimthang are quite good, especially when compared to Dharmasala.

This village is a wonderful place to refresh yourself with comforting hot showers after the demanding mountain pass. You can also get back online with the internet services provided by the tea houses.

You will find numerous choices for tea houses in Bimthang, and some of them include:

  • Mountain Ponker Cottage
  • Apple Garden
  • Himalayan Guest House
  • Ganga Manaslu
  • Sushma Guest House


The final destination of your Manaslu Circuit Trek will be Dharapani, which also serves as the starting point for the trek to Annapurna Circuit.

In Dharapani, you will find a variety of places to stay, ranging from basic tea houses to more upscale hotels. If you are willing to spend a bit more, there are high-end hotels that offer top-notch services. Most tea houses provide simple yet comfortable rooms furnished with cozy beds, blankets, and pillows.

Keep in mind that there are more tea houses available beyond the list.

Things to Consider While Choosing Accommodations on the Manaslu Circuit Trek

Undoubtedly, a multitude of tea houses line the path of the Manaslu circuit route. However, it’s important to note that the quality of services and rates can vary between different tea houses.

To make an informed choice, here are some essential factors to take into account while choosing the accommodation on the Manaslu Circuit Trekking Route:

Hygiene and cleanliness

Emphasizing hygiene and cleanliness is paramount when deciding on accommodations for your Manaslu Circuit trek. Choose lodgings that uphold rigorous cleanliness standards in all areas, promoting a healthy and enjoyable stay during your trekking adventure.

Meal options and dietary preferences

When picking lodges on the Manaslu trail, prioritize meal options and dietary needs. Seek varied meals, including local dishes, and check if they cater to preferences like vegetarian or gluten-free. Ensure allergen awareness and consistent meal quality for a satisfying trekking experience.

Availability of basic facilities

When selecting lodging for any treks in Manaslu, ensure the chosen tea houses provide essential amenities. Prioritize places with comfortable rooms, clean bathrooms, and nourishing meals for a satisfying trekking experience.

Room availability and sizes

The Manaslu trail experiences high traffic, particularly during Spring and autumn which are also considered to be the best times to trek to Manaslu. When selecting accommodations, prioritize room availability at tea houses. To ensure comfort, consider the appropriate size of the teahouses.

Depending on your group size, opt for rooms that suit your needs; larger groups may require more spacious accommodations. Adequate room size significantly enhances your overall comfort throughout your stay.

When you choose to trek with us, accommodation availability becomes a non-issue. Throughout the Manaslu trail, we curate the best tea houses for an exceptional journey, from start to finish.

What services do tea houses offer on the Manaslu Circuit Trek?

During your trek, tea houses along the Manaslu trail offer essential amenities. These facilities are common and available in most tea houses.


As you traverse the altitudes of the Manaslu trail, the accommodation options at teahouses shift. In the lower region, most tea houses have single or private rooms with attached bathrooms.

However, as you approach higher altitudes, amenities become modest.

Dormitory-style accommodations may become more common, where you might share sleeping quarters with fellow trekkers. These dormitories typically feature twin rooms, each containing two single beds. Each room is furnished with mattresses, pillows, and warm blankets.

Dining facilities

Teahouses along the Manaslu trail usually offer a communal dining area where meals are served. These dining spaces present a range of culinary options, spanning from traditional Nepalese to international dishes. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner choices are diverse, with the renowned ‘dal bhat’ being a staple of Nepalese trekking cuisine.

Bathroom facilities: shared vs. private bathrooms

At the beginning of the trek, you will encounter tea houses with private or attached bathroom facilities, often equipped with modern Western-style toilets. However, as you ascend to higher altitudes, bathroom facilities tend to become more rudimentary, with squat-style toilets.

In certain villages, like Deng or Dharmasala, shared bathrooms might be common. Tea houses often provide a communal sink for basic hygiene tasks like face washing and teeth brushing.

Heating and electricity

Individual rooms within tea houses on the Manaslu trail don’t have a heating system. Nevertheless, many tea houses offer shared space, usually centered around the dining room, where a stove or heater is available. These spaces provide a warm and cozy environment to enjoy meals and socialize with fellow trekkers.

Similarly, on the Manaslu circuit trail, electricity is available throughout the route. In lower regions, villages rely on hydroelectric power, whereas higher-elevation towns depend on solar power.

Keep in mind that during overcast weather, solar-powered electricity might not be accessible, leading to potential power disruptions.

Charging Facilities

Charging amenities can vary among tea houses. While some offer power outlets within individual rooms, others might make charging points accessible in communal areas.

During peak trekking season, some tea houses might charge an extra fee for using charging facilities. Carrying a power bank to ensure your device remains charged throughout the journey.

Hot showers (availability may vary)

While certain teahouses in the lower sections of the Manaslu trail might provide complimentary hot showers, the majority of tea houses along the route might charge a nominal fee for this amenity. It’s important to note that at higher elevations, such as in Dharmasala, hot shower facilities might not be available.

Tips for Choosing the Best Accommodation Along the Manaslu Circuit Trekking Route

Here are some handy tips for choosing the best accommodation on the Manaslu trekking route:

  • Set a budget for accommodation to narrow your choices within your price range.
  • Consult with your tour guide for recommendations on suitable accommodation along the Manaslu circuit trek.
  • Choose between lodges or tea houses based on your preferences for amenities, privacy, and social atmosphere.
  • Prioritize services like Wi-Fi, hot showers, and electric blankets.
  • Ensure hygiene standards meet your expectations.


Is it necessary to pre-book accommodation?

Yes, it’s advisable to pre-book your accommodation, especially during peak trekking seasons like spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November).

The trail can get busy, leading to limited availability at popular stopovers. Moreover, at higher elevations, teahouse options are limited, making pre-booking essential.

However, if you choose to trek with us on the Manaslu Circuit, we will take care of the pre-booking process, ensuring you have a hassle-free experience. Enjoy your trek without worrying!

How much does accommodation cost along the Manaslu Circuit trekking route?

The cost of accommodation along the Manaslu Circuit trek varies based on the season and the altitude. During peak trekking periods at lower altitudes, tea houses typically charge around USD 3 to 5 per night. As you ascend to higher altitudes like Samagaun or Dharmasala, the cost can range from USD 7 to 10.

Off-season trekking, like in winter or summer, tends to be more economical. Accommodation costs can range from USD 2 to 3 at lower altitudes and around USD 5 to 7 at higher elevations.

For the best value and quality accommodations, reach out to us for more details. We’ll be happy to assist you.

Are sleeping bags and blankets provided?

On the Manaslu trail, teahouses offer twin rooms equipped with a mattress, pillow, and blanket. However, tea houses do not provide sleeping bags.

Considering the cold temperatures, especially at higher elevations like Dharmasala, blankets might not suffice. We recommend bringing your sleeping bag for added warmth. While some tea houses might provide extra blankets, during peak seasons, they provide one blanket per person.

Can I charge for my electronic devices?

Yes, many tea houses provide charging options. While some offer charging ports in individual rooms, others may not. In such a case, you can charge your device in communal areas, like the dining space.

However, be cautious about charging in open spaces to avoid misplacing your belongings. Keep in mind that certain tea houses may charge a fee for this service.

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