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Despite the emphasis on staying fit and healthy Street Foods in Kathmandu, a large group of travelers still enjoy the experience of eating fast food on the streets. Interested in trying the top 10 street foods in Kathmandu? Check out this blog.

Though most people do not suggest the idea of trying street food, being honest, that is what you enjoy the most.

By staying at the best hotel in the capital, you can afford the best ambiance and food, so you can put that in the story of your Instagram. However, there’s a unique taste attached to fast food on the street. Also, they are a lot cheaper if you are traveling on a budget.

Yes, it is a fact that most street food is unhealthy for your health, but not every place is wrong for you. Most street shops in Kathmandu serve healthy fast food on your plate.

I bet your mouth started watering when you remembered the street foods you tasted on your last visit to Kathmandu. If not yet, the below options for 10 fast foods will surely do.

Fast Foods In Kathmandu

Despite the cultural significance, do you consider street foods to be one reason for traveling to Kathmandu?

If not, you should do it.

Food is something that completes a perfect vacation. And Kathmandu is a foodie’s dream city when it comes to street fast food.

Street foods in Kathmandu are not only about flavor and taste; there is also a culture or tradition attached to them. Countless local restaurants offer traditional Nepali foods prepared with an age-old recipe.

Let’s discuss the top ten street foods in Nepal, which are mouthwatering as well as reasonable in price.

Laphing (Laping)

Laphing or Laping, a street food in Kathmandu

Laping is a widely famous street food in Nepal that is a derivation of Tibetan cuisine.

If you are craving some spicy and flavorful food, then Laphing is the one for you. It is a spicy cold noodle served with soy sauce gravy. The noodle is made from the starch of flour or potatoes.

The first time you try it, you may not like it as the flavors can overwhelm you, but as soon as you start trying it again and again, you will love it.

You can easily find Laphing in every corner of the city. But if you ever make it to Boudhanath, Soyambhunath, or Patan, then make sure you try Laping because these sites are famous amongst locals and foreigners as a very pleasant location for street foods.


Nepalese Momo- food to try in Nepal

Momo is a fast food dish that is widely known among foreigners as authentic Nepali street food. They are like Tibetan dumplings, but smaller.

You take a doe, make a circular structure out of it, and fill it with Keema; it can either be vegetarian or non-vegetarian. They are usually steamed, but you can try them in various flavors.

The national street food, Momo, is served with char. It is a mixture of tomatoes, sesame seeds, chilies, cumin, and coriander, or mokthuk. Also, it is served with a soup of various herbs and vegetables.

You can find Momo on the food menu of almost every restaurant in the valley, so don’t forget to taste these circular dumplings on your next visit to Kathmandu.

Many fast-food restaurants in Kathmandu are trying their best to establish a business by adding fusion to the Momo. Thus, don’t be surprised to see many variations of Momo with different flavors and combinations.

Nepali Bara

Nepali Street Food Bara

Bara is usually a Newari dish that is made of black lentils. Kathmandu’s local street dish, bara, looks simple like a Potato Croquette but is very delicious and has a unique aroma and taste.

The lentils are soaked up in the water the night before, and another day they are ground to form a paste-like structure. Now this lentil paste is poured into hot oil and taken out after it gets golden brown. You can try the final product, bara, with pickles or curry as well.

Bara is usually a vegetarian. But we can also find nonvegetarian options in fast-food restaurants. Make sure to mention your choice before you order one.

Some popular locations in Kathmandu for street food Bara are Bhaktapur and Asan.

Sel roti

Selroti - Nepali food

Want to try some medium-sweet street food in Kathmandu? Sel roti could be a good option. It is one of Nepal’s famous fast foods and has been traditionally made for years.

Sel roti is a ring-shaped sweet fried dough made from rice flour. The circular-shaped local dish is made by grinding raw rice to make dough. To this dough, ghee and sugar are added. Now the prepared mixture is poured into the hot oil or ghee, forming a circular structure like a doughnut but leaner.

Nepalese households usually make sel roti on special occasions like Dashain and Tihar in a normal Nepali home. But you can always find this on the streets of Kathmandu. This is usually a breakfast snack, but you can eat it during the day.

Remember, only fast-food restaurants on the streets have them on the menu.


Street foods to try in Kathmandu - Sekuwa

If you are vegan, then unfortunately, this is not for you.

But if you prefer non-veg and are craving a traditional Nepali barbeque, then Sekuwa is the best thing you can try. This grilled, skewered, juicy meat is widespread street food in Kathmandu. It’s usually available in chicken, beef, or mutton choices.

While you pass by a Sekuwa corner, you get a unique aroma, and when you taste it, it’s a separate feeling.

Sekuwa is found in only a few fast-food restaurants in Kathmandu. Usually, street cafes have a barbeque setup outside to lure customers. Thus, it’s easier for you to find a location to try this.


Thukpa- food in Nepal

Imagine it’s raining outside and all you feel is the need to have a bowl of hot soup. Then get up from your bed and go try the most tasty bowl of Thukpa.

It is a Tibetan noodle soup mixed with vegetables and meat. This local fast-food not only satisfies your craving for hot food but also your hunger.


Newari Street food in Kathmandu- Chatamari

If you are looking for a side dish or want to explore the unique tastes of Nepal, then Chatamari is for you. It is a beloved street food, also referred to as Nepali pizza.

The chief ingredient used in Chatamari is rice flour, which is normally vegetarian. It is a rice crepe, a local Newari dish prepared in households during major festivals. But fast-food restaurants sell them as a snack or appetizer every day.

When in Kathmandu, try the authentic Chatamari, a regional street food to please your taste buds.

Juju Dhau

Juju dhau- king of curd in Nepal

Juju Dhau is a famous curd from Bhaktapur that is served in a small clay pot. Do not worry, your mouth won’t be muddy; this is the traditional form of serving the curd.

Although it’s a regional dish, Juju Dhau is found in other corners of the Kathmandu Valley as well.

If you want to try a sweet dessert after a heavy meal, then Juju Dhau is a better alternative.


Famous street food of Kathmandu- Samosa

Similar to Momo, Samosa also has vegetable fillings inside. But it is larger and triangular.

In the dough, mashed potatoes mixed with various spices, coriander, and chili are filled, and the dough is fried in hot oil. After it becomes golden brown, it is served with a Chutney (local pickle).

Street cafes and food stalls prepare samosas, usually in the morning, and serve them with a tomato pickle.

Pani Puri

Popular street food - panipuri

If you are craving spicy and sour street foods to try in Kathmandu, then Pani Puri is the best choice.

The most popular street dish, Panipuri, consists of hollow Puri (a deep-fried crisp flatbread) filled with a mixture of flavored water, pickles, peas, potatoes, chili, and others.

People of different ages try it. And it is easily found in every corner of Kathmandu.

In the end,

There are innumerable things to explore in Kathmandu. Out of all of them, one major thing to do is try the unique traditional dishes.

If you are a foodie and love exploring different tastes, then you should try the above list of popular street foods in Kathmandu. People mostly eat these dishes as snacks, not as main courses.

If you want the list to be long, then we have another favorite street food, Chatpate. It is a mixture of different spices, puffed rice, peas, peanuts, and other vegetables.

Visiting Kathmandu? Remember, Heaven Himalaya. The travel company will not only be your travel partner but a food-exploring partner as well. We will take you to some of the best places and eateries where you can enjoy the best of the top ten street foods of Nepal.



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